What is the reserving server notification for Duty Finder in Final Fantasy XIV Online?

The servers are taking a lot of punishment in Final Fantasy XIV.

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If you’re trying to jump into a dungeon or instance in Final Fantasy XIV Online, you might find yourself and your party receiving a small notification in your Duty Finder where it says that it’s ‘reserving server.’ When this notification pops up, there’s not much you can do about it, but what does it mean? In this guide, we will share what the reserving server notification means in Final Fantasy XIV Online.

When you and your entire party attempt to jump into a dungeon, you might encounter the reserving server notification. When it pops up, this means that you’re essentially waiting in line with your party to jump into that instance and have to wait. It’s Final Fantasy XIV’s way of ensuring everyone currently going into an example doesn’t have to deal with lag or problems while playing it. Your party has to wait until there’s room for your group to head in and finish the task.

There are a finite number of instances available to players who want to complete their dungeons and raids. Whenever you deal with the ‘reserving server’ notification, you’ll find the timer for the Duty Finder continues to clock up, and you’re probably going to see it tick past the average wait time. Many players deal with this when they attempt to complete some of the higher-tier content in Final Fantasy XIV.

While it can be troublesome, it does make the entire dungeon and raiding experience much nicer. The precise movement and combat queues in Final Fantasy XIV require everything to happen on point. Therefore, we recommend playing something on the side or relaxing with your party while you wait for an open instance for your dungeon.