What is the route for the Everyone Can Tavern Crawl and Brawl in Sea of Thieves?

Follow the route or host your own tournament.

This weekend, charity Everyone Can is hosting a Tavern Crawl and Brawl to raise money to help disabled gamers play, talk, and engage with others through the use of technology. While the event only has five teams of players, the charity has revealed the route and rules so you can play alongside them or even host your own tournament. 

What is the route for the Everyone Can Tavern Crawl and Brawl?

Image via Everyone Can

The route for the event begins at Dagger Tooth Outpost. All teams need to line up before they can depart to the first checkpoint. From here, the teams need to go to the following locations in order before ending up back at Dagger Tooth Outpost as the final checkpoint at the end. However, racing through the checkpoints is only half of the event.

  1. Galleon’s Grave Outpost
  2. Morrow’s Peak Outpost
  3. Ancient Spire Outpost
  4. Thieves’ Haven
  5. Plunder Outpost
  6. Golden Sands Outpost
  7. Sanctuary Outpost

What are the rules for the Everyone Can Tavern Brawl and Crawl?

Players must gather and arrive at Dagger Tooth Outpost, following the above list of checkpoints with the following items in a Storage Crate.

  • 10 Cooked Chicken
  • 10 Cooked Pork
  • 10 Cooked Snake
  • 10 Cooked Fish
  • 1 Skull
  • 1 Chest
  • 1 Gem

While the crew to bring all of this to the final checkpoint in the fastest time will be crowned the winners, they can bring some additional items that reduce their overall time. Those are as follows.

  • Megalodon/Kraken Meat: 1 minute per piece
  • Gunpoweder Barrel: 4 minutes
  • Stronghold Gunpoweder Barrel: 6 minutes
  • Castaway’s Chest: Minimum time save
  • Seafarer’s Chest: 1 minute
  • Maraude’s Chest: 2 minutes
  • Captain’s Chest: 3 minutes
  • Chest of a Thousand Grogs/Reaper’s Bounty: 4 minutes
  • Chest of Rage/Sorrow: 5 minutes
  • Blue Gem: Minmum time save
  • Green Gem: 1 minute
  • Red Gem/Blue Siren Gem: 2 minutes
  • Green Siren Gem: 3 minutes
  • Red Siren Gem: 4 minutes
  • Foul Bounty Skull: Minimum time save
  • Disgraced Bounty Skull: 1 minute
  • Hateful Bounty Skull: 2 minutes
  • Villanous Bounty Skull: 3 minutes
  • Skeleton Captain’s Skull: 4 minutes
  • Stronghold Skull: 5 minutes