What is the surprise legendary Pokémon in Pokémon Go for June 2021?

It’s a mystery.

Image via Niantic

June 2021 is supposed to be full of surprises for Pokémon Go players. The first half of the map was laid out to be a fairly standard month with the usual weekly quest last Tuesday with A Very Slow Discovery, featuring Galarian Slowpoke and its evolved form Galarian Slowbro. After that, Niantic had been keeping things pretty quiet about which legendary Pokémon Giovanni was going to have, and as it turns out, it was brand new. Shadow Ho-Oh is expected to arrive in Giovanni’s roster starting on June 17, and you’ll be able to capture it by acquiring the Super Rocket Radar by completing the Seven-Colored Shadows special research project. However, the surprise legendary Pokémon set to release on June 17 has not been announced yet.

Right now, we do not know the identity of this mystery legendary Pokémon. Players are speculating what this could be. We won’t know until Niantic officially announces it and we see it arrive in five star raids.

We’re speculating on what Pokémon it could be and have no hints as to what it could be at this time. We speculate that this could be the arrival of Volcarona. However, this Pokémon is not considered an official legendary Pokémon. It’s only in this category because you can obtain it at one time when playing the game it’s featured in, Pokémon White and Black.

Zygarde could be another option. The other legendary Pokémon seen alongside Zygarde, Xerneas and Yveltal, have already made their appearance in Pokémon Go last month during the final month of Season of Legends. Zygarde would be a good choice, and it would make sense.

Those are the two biggest thoughts given what has been dug up in Pokémon Go’s datamining. All of this is pure speculation, but we should be learning about the surprise legendary Pokémon pretty soon, ahead of its June 17 release date.