What off-road racing events will be available in Dirt 5?

Quite a few options to choose from.

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As you could probably tell from the title of the game, Dirt 5 allows players to compete in off-road racing events that tests one’s skills and racing IQ. So what off-road racing events will be available in the latest installment of Dirt 5? Codemasters has revealed several of the events that will be included in the game, all of which will be available in offline play.

Many of these events will take place in some interesting and challenging environments. For example, the ‘Ice Breaker’ event is a circuit race that take place in an environment fully encased in ice. The ‘Stampede’ event, on the other hand, punishes your vehicle as you ride on a terrain filled with mud, sand and other obstacles that will test your car’s shock absorbers.

Here’s a full look at the off-road events that will be available to racers, as well as a brief description of each race from Codemasters:

  • Ultra Cross — “Mixing multiple terrains, unpredictable circuit design and challenging bends, Ultra Cross is your classic rallycross-style event, turned up to 11. Expect close pack racing, crossovers and incredible environments for these action-packed, circuit-based races.”
  • Rally Raid — “These point-to-point events are classic Dirt – thrilling routes through natural landscapes, where bravery and precision are key, as you’re behind the wheel of machines built for extreme off-road racing. High-speed sections, jumps, route splits and more keep you on your toes from start to finish in every Rally Raid event.”
  • Landrush — “Circuit-based events that are not for the faint of heart! Rough terrain, jolting jumps and technical sections are the order of the day for Landrush, taking place on either dirt or snow. Expect extreme weather and changing track conditions to mix things up big time in these pack racing events.”
  • Ice Breaker – “Minimal grip, maximum fun. Ice Breaker challenges you to master short circuits that take place entirely on ice, with flowing turns and idyllic environments. Throttle control, precise drifting and momentum are key to mastering this brand-new experience for the Dirt series. Better get your skates on!”
  • Stampede — “Hard, unforgiving natural landscapes, built for rough-and-ready machines with suspension and shock absorbers galore, Stampede circuits are tough, to say the least. Unmarked routes with major undulation over mud, sand and plenty more, buckle up for some serious pack racing fun with Stampede.”
  • Path Finder — “You’ve never seen this kind of event before in a Dirt game. Path Finder lays down the gauntlet with some seriously hardcore off-road terrain, steep jumps and rock-strewn paths. Here, it’s not just about speed – it’s about strategy and survival. Use your rock bouncer to overcome these incredible single-car events against the clock.”
  • Sprint — “Here’s our event type built specifically for Dirt 5’s bonkers sprint car – 900bhp, huge wings, different sizes for all four wheels. Learn to tame this beast on our oval and circular tracks, with constant drift control required as you tear up the track in these unique multi-car races.”
  • Gymkhana — “It’s back! Jump, drift and donut your way to success in these high-octane stunt arenas, purpose-built for your automotive antics. Get sideways and airborne, and string together your moves to trigger multipliers and hit the target score within the time limit. Need we say more?”
  • Time Trial — “Feeling extra competitive? Time Trial lets you take any circuit or point-to-point event and make it just you against the track – oh, and everyone else who’s ever raced the same scenario. Lay down your best times in the single-car mode, and rise up that scenario’s global leaderboard.”