What time does the Monster Hunter Rise demo go live on the Switch eShop?

Try it before you buy.

Image via Capcom

The Monster Hunter Rise’s demo becomes available following the end of the January 7 Monster Hunter Digital event. Players will be able to get their hands on the title before it officially releases on March 26, but the demo is only available for a limited time. It’ll go away on February 1, so if you want to check out the game before it goes live, you want to act fast to check it out. But when does it go live?

The demo will be available the next day from the trailer on January 8. If you don’t see it immediately, it’ll be making its way to the Nintendo eShop shortly. It should show up after a set amount of time. The demo will only be available until February 1 at 12 AM PT or 3 AM ET. Many eager players might be a little confused when the demo is available, as the Monster Hunter Rise trailer said it would be ready to go on January 7. Still, the product’s tweet revised that to January 8, which is the official date.

There’s plenty to do in the demo provided. Players will be able to try out a training quest, a starter quest featuring, an intermediate quest where they take on Mitzutsune, how to use a wirebug, and Wyvern Riding, a new feature coming to Monster Hunter Rise. Wyvern Riding allows you to creature a wild creature for a short amount of time, using them to travel around the map or battle other monsters in the area. All of the unique weapons will be available for players to try out during the demo.

There are several features to try out in the demo, and there are still numerous monsters that players have yet to try when the game officially releases.