What to do with the strange glowing objects in Deathloop – what to do with Residuum

It does serve a purpose.

Image via Arkane Studios

When you first start playing Deathloop, you will end up seeing some confusing things. One of them will be glowing objects that can be found all around the game’s various levels. In this guide, we will break it all down for you, and you will be breaking the loop in no time.

The strangely glowing objects that you will keep finding are actually called Residuum, and they are an important resource in the game. When you first start finding them, you won’t be able to do anything with them, but that won’t last for long.

After playing through the game for a while, you will get to your first assassination, and when that is complete you will be able to harvest Residuum. You can read our full Residuum guide to learn more about that mission, but avoid it if you don’t want any spoilers for the story.

Once you can start harvesting Residuum, you can use it to stop losing your weapons and Trinkets between lives. Normally, when you die you lose everything you have found, and the same will occur when the day resets. If you have empowered the items with Residuum, you will get to keep it.

You can get Residuum by absorbing it from the strange glowing items you can find in the world, or by taking out enemy bosses and absorbing it from their coprse.