What To Do With Waylaid Supplies In WoW Classic: Season Of Discovery

What should you do with your Waylaid Supplies in WoW Classic: Season of Discovery? This guide has all the details on these curious items.


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WoW Classic: Season of Discovery is a new way to enjoy the classic WoW experience, and with it comes new gameplay that emphasizes exploration and discovery as you explore the world of Azeroth. One of those discoveries is Waylaid Supplies.

To help you get to grips with this seasonal item, we’ve compiled this guide with details on what Waylaid Supplies are, where you might find them, and what you get for turning them in.

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What are Waylaid Supplies in WoW Classic Season of Discovery?

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Waylaid Supplies are a special item WoW Classic players can find in Season of Discovery. This item can be dropped from enemies and found around the world, such as in chests, and is a source of reputation and money for players while on their adventures. These items are handed to Supply Officers in major cities.

You can only have one of these items in your inventory at a time, so you will need to hand it into Supply Officers to make space to pick up another while you are playing through Season of Discovery.

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You will notice that these items have various names, such as Waylaid Supplies: Dark Leather Cloaks; that’s because these items will have optional objectives that ask you to finish the shipment by adding items to the supplies. In my case, the first one I found asked for 20 Herb Baked Eggs. If you put these items into the supplies, you will get a greater reward for your troubles.

Full List of Waylaid Supplies in WoW Classic: Season of Discovery

There are currently 42 known Waylaid Supplies players you can find, and we have listed them all below so you know what ones there are and what’s needed to finish the shipments.

Name and Needed SupplySupplies Needed to Complete
Waylaid Supplies: Copper Bars20 Copper Bars
Waylaid Supplies: Bronze Bars12 Bronze Bars
Waylaid Supplies: Spiced Wolf Meat20 Spiced Wolf Meat
Waylaid Supplies: Light Leather14 Light Leather
Waylaid Supplies: Peacebloom20 Peacebloom
Waylaid Supplies: Ruined Copper Pants3 Ruined Copper Pants
Waylaid Supplies: Handstitched Leather Belts5 Handstitched Leather Belts
Waylaid Supplies: Brown Linen Robes4 Brown Linen Robes
Waylaid Supplies: Heavy Linen Bandages10 Heavy Linen Bandages
Waylaid Supplies: Minor Healing Potions20 Minor Healing Potions
Waylaid Supplies: Healing Potions10 Healing Potions
Waylaid Supplies: Rough Copper Bombs12 Rough Copper Bombs
Waylaid Supplies: Lesser Mana Potions20 Lesser Mana Potions
Waylaid Supplies: Rough Boomsticks3 Rough Boomsticks
Waylaid Supplies: Medium Leather12 Medium Leather
Waylaid Supplies: Embossed Leather Vests3 Embossed Leather Vests
Waylaid Supplies: Silverleaf20 Silverleaf
Waylaid Supplies: Copper Shortswords 6 Copper Shortswords
Waylaid Supplies: Bruiseweed20 Bruiseweed
Waylaid Supplies: Brown Linen Pants6 Brown Linen Pants
Waylaid Supplies: Brilliant Smallfish20 Brilliant Smallfish
Waylaid Supplies: Swiftthistle20 Swiftthistle
Waylaid Supplies: Rough Stone10 Rough Stone
Waylaid Supplies: Silver Bars6 Silver Bars
Waylaid Supplies: Rough Bronze Boots3 Rough Bronze Boots
Waylaid Supplies: Lesser Magic Wands2 Lesser Magic Wands
Waylaid Supplies: Minor Wizard Oil2 Minor Wizard Oil
Waylaid Supplies: Silver Skeleton Keys14 Silver Skeleton Keys
Waylaid Supplies: Dark Leather Cloaks2 Dark Leather Cloaks
Waylaid Supplies: Heavy Wool Bandages15 Heavy Wool Bandages
Waylaid Supplies: Pearl-Clasped Cloaks3 Pearl-Clasped Cloaks
Waylaid Supplies: Goblin Deviled Clams8 Goblin Deviled Clams
Waylaid Supplies: Minor Mana Oil2 Minor Mana Oil
Waylaid Supplies: Small Bronze Bombs12 Small Bronze Bombs
Waylaid Supplies: Smoked Sagefish15 Smoked Sagefish
Waylaid Supplies: Smoked Bear Meat20 Smoked Bear Meat
Waylaid Supplies: Hillman’s Shoulders2 Hillman’s Shoulders
Waylaid Supplies: Ornate Spyglasses2 Ornate Spyglasses
Waylaid Supplies: Gray Woolen Shirts4 Gray Woolen Shirts
Waylaid Supplies: Elixir of Firepower15 Elixir of Firepower
Waylaid Supplies: Herb Baked Eggs20 Herb Baked Eggs
Waylaid Supplies: Ruined Silver Rods1 Ruined Silver Rods

Where to Find Supply Officers in Wow Classic Season Of Discovery

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Supply Officers can be found in every major city and are located outside of the city Auction House. They will have a yellow name with the Supply Officer subtitle under their name. For me, that was Jornah found in Orgimmar. You can ask a guard for directions if you need a hand finding your Auction House. You can also see them thanks to their blue question mark if you have Waylaid Supplies in your inventory.

Below, we have listed all the coordinates for each Supply Officer in the major cities, so you know exactly where to find them.


Stormwind 54.6, 61.1
Ironforge 25.4, 67.8
Darnassus 60.0 56.4


Orgrimmar51.6, 63.9
Undercity (Upper Ring)64.5, 38.5
Thunder Bluff39.5, 53.7

My first time handing in this item, I did it by mistake and only got the basic reward of 90 reputation and one silver. However, these seem to drop fairly regularly with various optional objectives, so you should have no problem finding more and getting the extra rewards if you fancy putting in the effort.

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Given that they can drop from anything or be found, it’s worth exploring while doing quests since you might encounter one after beating some enemies, a mini-boss, or looting. I found mine while looting a lone chest during a quest in Durotar, and for WoW Classic, any money is good during the beginning of the game, so even if I only got the one silver, it paid for my next hunter skill, I can’t complain.

Rewards for Handing in Waylaid Supplies

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Handing in Waylaid Supplies will reward you with one Silver if you do not fill the shipment and six Silver if you do. In addition, you’ll earn reputation with your faction’s supplies company, these being the Azeroth Commerce Authority and Durotar Supply and Logistics.

After earning a certain amount of reputation and becoming Honored, you’ll be able to begin purchasing items from these officers, including Rune for your classes’ Rune collection. We have listed these Runes below.

  • Spell Notes: Arcane Surge – Mage
  • Rune of Beckoning Light – Paladin
  • Rune of Everlasting Affliction – Warlock
  • Rune of Healing Rain – Shaman
  • Rune of Serpent Spread – Hunter
  • Rune of Single-Minded Fury – Warrior
  • Rune of Skull Bash – Druid
  • Rune of Teasing – Rogue
  • Tenebrous Epiphany – Priest

All of these Runes will cost you five Gold, but you can only purchase the Rune for your respective class. Along with those, you will also be able to get bags and green items to improve your gear and get valuable bag space.