How to Play WoW Classic: Season of Discovery

Here is how you can play WoW Classic: Season of Discovery and enjoy a new take on the Classic style of World of Warcraft.


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World of Warcraft Classic: Season of Discovery has begun! Players can now jump into the new version of the Classic WoW formula and enjoy new content, abilities, and ideas in this fresh take on the experience.

Some players may be returning to WoW after a long time away or unsure how to play this new seasonal version of the game. To help you quickly get into the game and enjoy Season of Discovery, we’ve put together this guide explaining how to get in and play Season of Discovery.

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How To Play The Season Of Discovery In Wow Classic

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In order to play Season of Discovery, you’ll need to select the seasonal tab option on the realms menu when you log into the game. This will show you a small list of realms under the seasonal banner and where you can play and enjoy the Season of Discovery content.

This new version of Classic WoW is available via the WoW Classic launcher, meaning you must have downloaded the WoW Classic client on your launcher to play. It is not available via the retail version of the game.

Is WoW Classic: Season of Discovery Different from Normal WoW Classic?

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WoW Classic: Season of Discovery is a new version of the Classic WoW expereince with several changes and additions that make it a very different game.

The main addition is the new Rune Engraving system. This will allow players to find new powers out in the world through quests, puzzles, and challenges that give you new spells and abilities. Some of this allows for classes to take on roles they have not been able to before, such as a mage healer and shaman tank.

There are also new forms of content, with Blackfathom Deeps being converted into a 10-player raid with some new mechanics and challenges thrown in to make it a fresh expereince. Ashenvale is becoming a PvP world event that involves battling other players to defeat their leader and earning a world buff reward.

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The max level will be at 25 at the start of the season, with each phase increasing this cap, so players will not need to progress quite as much or race to do it quickly.

It is a very different expereince to anything seen in Classic and WoW in general, and it looks like it will be a great time for players and a chance to expereince a fresh form of Classic.

Can I Play Season Of Discovery If I Haven’t Played Classic Before?

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Yes, you can play WoW Classic as long as you have the WoW Classic client installed and have your subscription active for WoW, as this includes Retail, Classic, and all the other versions of the game currently active.

If you haven’t played Classic before, it might be a bit of a shock since many of the quality-of-life additions and streamlining from modern WoW are not in this version, so it can be more challenging, but that’s part of the fun!