When can the general public attend E3 2023? Answered

When can the average person attend E3?

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E3 has gone through quite a bit of flux and changes over the last few years. Between the pandemic and major contributors like Sony pulling their support out, a lot has happened around what was once considered the biggest show in video game announcements. While some might not get the same excitement from the press event, there are people that grew up with the show that would still love to attend the event in person. Here is when the general public can attend E3 2023.

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When can the public go to E3 2023?

E3 2023 will take place between June 13-16, but digital showcases will be taking place starting on June 11. While the show will be going on during those days, the general public can only attend in person on June 15-16. The rest of the days will be reserved for video game industry media and personnel.

While E3 has been canceled multiple times in recent years and took place as an only digital event in 2021, they are looking to return the show to normal in 2023. Before the pandemic, the show had begun trying to include the general public on the show floor, which had a so-so reception. Prior to that, it was a media-only show, but in an attempt to push revenue, letting long-time fans join made some sense.

Reedpop, the same company that runs PAX and New York Comic Con, will be running the next E3. Obviously, they have some experience putting on an event that fans and industry personnel can enjoy, so hopefully, they can right the ship on E3 going forward. The last few years have been rocky at best, with a lot more talk about the show’s future not existing too much longer than it being bright.