When is E3 2023? Answered

It’s on. But when?

Image via ESA

For years, E3 was the pinnacle of video game conventions. Most often held in June in Los Angeles, California, it was a chance for the entire industry to come together and showcase its biggest upcoming games. Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, Sega, and many other heavy hitters made a habit out of attending the conference and hosting massive gaming showcases for everyone to tune in and watch. In the digital age, E3 lost a little bit of its luster, as it was possible for anyone to tune in from anywhere to watch those streams. Even so, E3 will return in 2023, and now we have exact dates.

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When will E3 2023 be held?

E3 will once again be held in mid-June, but it will be split into two different halves — this is the approach that some other gaming conferences like Gamescom take. The entire show will run from June 13 through June 16, with the whole event being open to the press. However, June 13 through June 15 are being dubbed E3 Business Days, and they’re strictly for press. This will be followed by E3 Gamer Days, from June 15 through June 16. Anybody can purchase a pass and attend this portion of the show. You’ll notice that there’s some overlap in the scheduling there: that’s because the two parts of the show will actually be held in different physical spaces, separating the press from other attendees.

What happened to E3 2022?

E3 2022 was fully cancelled, and for good reason: the United States was still in the throes of the covid-19 pandemic. That was the official reasoning, at least. There were also murmurings that the ESA, which organizes the show, simply couldn’t find enough exhibitors to hold the event. The lack of even a digital showcase in lieu of any physical event would seem to back that up. Regardless, E3 will return in June 2023.