When does Jailbreak, Supply Chopper, and Fire Sale happen in Call of Duty Warzone?

Waiting for that fire sale to hit.

Random events are the new talk of the town in Call of Duty Warzone matches. You can be in the middle of a firefight, and out of nowhere, a notification pops across your screen, notifying you that there’s a massive discount on everything you can purchase at a buy station. Do you risk running towards one, or do you steer clear of those and mop up on contracts? It depends on where you and your teammates are in the game. When do these events occur, and what triggers them?

There’s no clear indication to when these random events happen, other than it being in the middle of a Warzone match. No player has to activate an item on the map, do a certain number of contracts, or take down a particular number of players. These three random events trigger roughly around the middle of a match, usually when the circle has become smaller three times. When it does, one of the three will happen.

You will not see all three of these events during a Warzone match. You only receive one of them. More random events could be added to Warzone matches in the future, but when they initially launched during Season 4, it only consists of these three:

  • Jailbreak: All Gulag and dead players spectating a Warzone match rejoin the game.
  • Supply Chopper: A heavily-armored chopper arrives on the map for a limited time. If players take it down, it drops a heap of useful items.
  • Fire Sale: 80 percent off all Buy Station purchases, except for loadout purchases, and player buybacks are completely free, for 60 seconds.

Any of these events can change up your Warzone match considerably. However, if you’re spectating a match after having died and you’re waiting for a Jailbreak and see one of the two other ones pop up, you’re better off queueing up for a new match. You don’t want to sit in a lobby watching others play when you could be playing, too.