When does Operation Scarlet Spear release for Warframe?

When do we get to fight the Sentients?


Operation Scarlet Spear will see the Tenno taking on waves of Sentients enemies that will be flooding into Veil Proxima. This is the first event that will use the Operation Link feature, and two seperate squads of players will need to run two different missions at the same time, hitting certain targets and objectives so that the other can progress.

All we know of Operation Scarlet Spear’s release date at the moment is that it is due to arrive this week. The initial idea was that the event would being in early March, but that has slide a little bit. New Warframe content tends to drop into the game between Tuesday and Thursday, so it is largely anticipated to begin over the next couple of days.

We will keep this article updated as we learn more about the events launch date.

How Scarlet Spear will work

The operation will be set on the Scarlet Spear Flotilla Relay, a special event relay that will act as your home base. Here, you work with other Tenno to form teams and coordiante your attack. One squad will need to take part in a Ground Assault mission, while the other take part in a Murex Raid.

Ground Assault
On the ground, your mission is to seize the Kill Code from Sentient Condrix and transmit it to your allies above. You’ll need to use an Operation Link Beacon — or OpLink Beacon — to connect to Squads in real-time. Fend off Sentients from harming the Beacon while it analyzes the Condrix for the Code you need.

Murex Raid
In the Railjack, your objective will be to infiltrate the Sentient Murex, gain control of its Transmission Array and broadcast the Kill Code shared by the team on the ground. This will hopefully cut off the Murex from the rest of the Sentient Armada deeper in the Veil and delay further destruction.

To link forces with other Tenno, you’ll need to obtain and equip an OpLink Beacon. Find Little Duck in the Scarlet Spear Flotilla to begin. You can find the relay orbiting Earth. To participate in this Operation, you must be at least Mastery Rank 3.

Event Rewards

• Basmu Rifle: take aim with two different firing modes: a beam and a rapid-fire shot.
• Arcanes: a new way to earn these enhancements.
• Stance Forma Blueprint: a Forma to maximize your flexibility with Melee Weapon Modding!
• Earn other unique rewards like new Avionics, Clan Sigils, Medals and more.