When does the 2021 Overwatch Halloween event begin?

When does Overwatch’s 2021 Halloween event begin?

It’s October, and the spookiest season is approaching fast. Overwatch is well-known for its timed holiday seasonal events, and Halloween is no different. Since the game’s launch, Overwatch has celebrated the scariest time of year with an elaborate celebration, filled with new skins and limited-time game modes for players to enjoy.

Overwatch players may be looking for something new to enjoy since the last major event was the Overwatch Summer Games earlier this year. Luckily, Overwatch is consistent with how they run events. While Blizzard hasn’t announced an official release date yet, we can reasonably predict when Blizzard will drop the event.

Events in Overwatch typically begin on a Tuesday, already condensing the potential timeframe where the Halloween event could start. (There is precedence for an event dropping on Thursday, but the Halloween event, in particular, has historically dropped on a Tuesday.)

We can also look to the days when the previous Halloween events started:

  • 2016: October 11
  • 2017: October 10
  • 2018: October 9
  • 2019: October 15
  • 2020: October 13

These are all Tuesdays in the middle of the month, so the most reasonable date to expect 2021’s Halloween event for Overwatch is on October 12. Unfortunately, as there is no official announcement, this date could easily be incorrect. (Especially considering work on Overwatch 2 may constitute a delay.) Looking at the past dates, however, it’s a pretty safe bet.