When does the Dragonflight prepatch launch in World of Warcraft? Answered

Soon there be dragons.

Image via Blizzard

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight is on track to breathe new life into the long-running MMO after the poorly received Shadowlands expansion took away a lot of goodwill. Blizzard has been working hard to implement many highly requested features as well as the long-awaited return of talent trees. Recently, the team revealed that Season Four of Shadowlands would be ending on October 25, but where does that place the launch date of the Dragonflight prepatch?

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Dragonflight prepatch launch date

The Dragonflight prepatch will go live with the end of Shadowlands Season Four on October 25. Blizzard has decided to release certain parts of the prepatch at different times.

Dragonflight prepatch Phase One

Phase One of the Dragonflight prepatch will be available on October 25. On this date, players will get their hands on the talent system revamp and the user interface overhaul. New accessibility features will also go live, as well as the PvP Rated Solo Shuffle queue to earn rated PvP rewards without a premade group. Finally, players will also have the ability to play any race as a rogue, priest, or mage.

Dragonflight prepatch Phase Two

The second phase of the Dragonflight prepatch goes live on November 15. This will give players the ability to create their new Dracthyr Evoker character and play through the starting zone. They will be able to get this new class to level 60 and access all Shadowlands content with it in preparation for the Dragonflight launch.

This date is also when the prepatch event will take place. Players will be able to partake in the Primal Storms event, where Primalists will attack old zones. Taking part in defeating these events will reward catch-up gear and cosmetics. The Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr dungeon from Dragonflight will also temporarily be accessible as a level 60 dungeon prior to becoming a higher-level dungeon with Dragonflight.

Dragonflight Expansion launches in November

The Dragonflight expansion will go live on November 28. Players will have about a month to get used to their new talent trees and two weeks to prepare their new Dracthyr evoker before heading off to the Dragon Isles.