When does the Halloween Cup 2021 end in Pokémon Go?

How long do you have to compete in the Halloween Cup for 2021?

Image via Niantic

Multiple Pokémon Go PvP competitions happen throughout each season of the mobile game. These PvP cups are broken up into different categories, each giving players a new array of Pokémon to match up and battle against other players. Less conventional and more unique competitions appear during many of these traditional competitions, such as the Season of Mischief’s Halloween Cup for 2021. Players will have to follow a strict set of rules during these battles. However, the Halloween Cup is not releasing at the same time as any of the other traditional battles, and it’s also ending at a unique time. So when will the Halloween Cup for 2021 end in Pokémon Go?

For starters, the Halloween Cup for 2021 is scheduled to release on October 15, a few days after the Great League’s second release on October 11. This special PvP cup is releasing at this time because it’s closer to the mobile game’s Halloween event at the end of the week.

With the Halloween Cup releasing alongside the themed event, the PvP competition won’t end on the same date. Instead, these battles will be closing on November 2, giving players roughly two weeks to complete as many battles as they can finish, racking up points during the second half of the Season 9 Battle League competitions.

If you’re keen to jump into the Halloween Cup for 2021, make sure you take part in the battles during the Halloween event. It’s a fun alternative to the traditional Great League but ends during the Ultra League and Ultra League Premier Classic.