When does Warframe Update 30 Call of the Tempestarii release?

Returning to Railjack.


Image via Sony

Warframe’s next big update is Call of the Tempestarii. Some big changes are on the way to the game that should entice players to return to Railjack. The main addition to the mode will be the arrival of Corpus ships and enemies.

The only known release date for Call of the Tempestarii at the moment is that it will arrive in March, but no specific date has been given at this time. One of the major changes that is coming to the game is the addition of a drydock to the Relays. Players without a Clan, or a drydock, will now be able to access the game mode in an easier way, which should improve how easy it is to find a squad to run missions with.

Sevagoth, the new Warframe, will also be included in the update, and getting his components will directly tie into the Railjack missions. There will also be a further rebalancing of the Railjack mode with regard to difficulty, rewards, grind, and gameplay. A new Void Storm mechanic is also being introduced to the mode, which will tie in directly with with the Sevagoth quest.

Core missions and Railjack will also be combined, with the example given that Orphix Venom and Railjack will be integrated together. The aim is to stop Railjack from feeling like a separate mode and mesh it better with the core gameplay of Warframe.

This could be the update that finally gets the playerbase to embrace Railjack in a real way, which would be great as it is something of a personal favorite.