When is the release date for Stray? Answered

Experience life as a cat in the city.

Stray cat game

Image via Annapurna Interactive

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It has been almost two years since Stray was first announced during PlayStation’s Future of Gaming event. This title immediately gathered a crowd thanks to its peculiar idea of playing as a cat instead of a humanoid creature of some sort. The original trailer for the game showed a cat wandering down the streets of a run-down cityscape filled with NPCs that are robots instead of the normal living beings that typically fill the world of a game. Now that some time has passed, the release date for Stray has finally been revealed, and it is much closer than you’d expect.

Stray release date

Image via BlueTwelve Studio

During a June 2022 State of Play presentation, Sony revealed the latest trailer for Stray. During this, we saw our fuzzy little friend navigate the city in new ways by climbing over various obstacles, traversing alleyways, and dodging hostile threats. Outside of your travels, you will also meet interesting NPCs that you can talk to thanks to the robot backpack that the cat wears. It seems like life gets pretty hectic in the big city when you are just a small animal. The end of the trailer revealed the release date to be July 19. That’s right — at the time of this writing, Stray will be released in a little over a month. After that, you can have fun exploring the city in new and interesting ways.

Stray on PlayStation Plus

Along with the release announcement, the studio also revealed that Stray will be available with both a PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium subscription. These new tiers of PlayStation Plus are set to release starting in Japan starting on June 2, with the rest of the world getting access to the new tiers by June 23.