When is the release date for Tekken 8? Answered

The Mishima saga continues.

Screenshot via Sony and Bandai Namco

Tekken 8 first got teased at EVO 2022 with some very brief footage of Kazuya. The EVO teaser is reminiscent of his iconic ending in the first Tekken on the original PlayStation. The more substantial gameplay footage wouldn’t be revealed until the announcement trailer in Sony’s September State of Play. The trailer features extended gameplay footage of Kazuya fighting against his son Jin. The Tekken franchise is produced, developed, and published by Bandai Namco. The game plans to release on the PlayStation 5, but does it have a release date yet?

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Tekken 8 release date

The State of Play trailer did not reveal a release date. The end of the trailer reads “Stay Tuned,” and the game will launch on the PlayStation 5. The footage used in the trailer was captured on the PlayStation 5 and rendered in real-time. The game is still early in development and is subject to change. The trailer showcases the series’ stars Kazuya and Jin fighting on a rocky terrain near the oceans. The footage shows gameplay features fans have come to know and love about the series, including the precise combat and rage arts. The trailer even reveals Kazuya and Jin transforming into their devil forms.

Though Sony released the announcement trailer, Tekken 8 will also launch on the Xbox Series S/X and PC via Steam. Tekken 8 will be a direct continuation of Tekken 7; the latter was released on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2017. Tekken 7 served as the endpoint to Heihachi’s storyline, ending with Kazuya slaying his father and dropping his body into lava, which is a callback to the time Heihachi dropped Kazuya off a cliff when he was a boy. Tekken 7 ended with a tease that Kazuya’s son, Jin, shall come after him to end their cursed bloodline and free the world of the devil gene.