When will Halo Infinite’s Forge mode release?

Forge away on your favorite game modes.

Image via 343

The Forge mode in the Halo franchise has been an excellent way for players to add several creative twists to their favorite multiplayer map. It has been confirmed that the Forge mode is returning in Halo Infinite, allowing players to share all of their work on a massive network when the game launches. But players won’t be able to use Forge mode immediately. It’s being pushed to release after Halo Infinite’s initial launch. When will Halo Infinite’s Forge mode officially release?

Developers 343 Industries have confirmed that the Forge mode should be coming out during Halo Infinite’s season three. The first season will start when the game launches sometime in holiday 2021. From there, Halo Infinite’s campaign co-op mode releases during season two, and then Forge mode for season three. Halo Infinite’s seasons are expected to last for three months, which means we might not see Forge mode until summer 2022.

With three months between each season, it’s a good timeline for players to expect more content from Halo Infinite after the initial launch. Once the campaign co-op and Forge mode are added, 343 Industries can find other modes to add to build on Halo Infinite’s future.

We’ll be updating this guide with the exact release date for Forge mode closer to Halo Infinite’s release and season three.