When will Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 release?

Less than two weeks after release, fans are already eagerly awaiting more.

via MOB Games

Just in time for Halloween, Poppy Playtime released on October 21, ready to give everyone plenty of scares during the spooky season. The game, which challenges players to survive in a scary abandoned toy factory by outrunning a bunch of killer toys, has released a single chapter to date. “A Tight Squeeze”, the first chapter, is currently available, and terrified fans are clamoring for information about when Poppy Playtimes Chapter 2 will release.

At this time, release dates are purely speculation, but the good folks over at GameRevolution make a very solid case for a March 2022 release date. An argument can be made that the next chapter will be released five months after the first, which would be late in the first quarter of 2022. The theory here is that there were five months between the reveal and the release of the first chapter and that the developers may be following a five-month plan for new content. This type of timeline is surprisingly common in game development at the moment. Most season-based games will have a fairly strict seasonal length, while the behemoth that is Genshin Impact releases new content every six weeks, to the day.

While a release date has yet to be confirmed, the developer has announced the way Chapter 2’s pricing will work. Like the first, Chapter 2 will cost players $5 and will be available as an installable add-on to Chapter 1, so be sure to keep it installed if you want to play the second chapter. As for what kind of content Chapter 2 might contain, that is all just a mystery at the moment.

Hopefully, MOB Games will give us an official release date for Steam’s latest horror phenomenon sometime in the near future. With the very positive reviews pouring in on Steam, those who have not given Chapter 1 a go should definitely consider it for this Halloween season.