When will the secret bunkers open in Apex Legends?

Bunker busters.

Apex Legends

Loot bunkers in Apex Legends are of intense interest to players, and they have been chomping at the bit to get inside. The loot bunkers arrived at the start of Season 5, but have been annoying closed ever since. Now, some datamining has resulted in potential dates for them to open becoming public.

Apex Legends dataminer Shrugtal has tweeted some information that they discovered while digging through data, showing currently planned activity around the bunkers.

At the moment, it looks like the bunkers will play out as follows:

  • June 16 – Terminal Station F-85 will begin to open and will be explorable by June 23.
  • June 23 – Terminal Station W-73 will begin to open, and will be explorable by June 30.
  • June 30 – 0-240 will begin to open, will be explorable by July 7
  • July 7 – L-19 will begin to open, will be explorable by July 14

As for what is in those bunkers, it will be some lovely Legendary golden loot.

  • F-85 – Knockdown Shield
  • W-73 – Prowler Burst PDW
  • 0-0240 – Sentinel
  • L-19 – Havok Rifle

Now, all this is subject to change, as it is dataminded information, and nothing is confirmed by the developers at this point, so keep that in mind. It is a pretty good system that Respawn appears to have settled on to open the bunkers, with a week of the latest bunker being the highlight before the next one opens, driving the gameplay and action towards these new areas.

If you want to get into them the day they open and get your hands on those Legendary items, you should prepare to fight your way in and back out again.