When will Xbox Game Pass Cloud Gaming (xCloud) release on iOS?

Sounds like we will see it release pretty soon.

As of right now, only Android users have the opportunity to use Microsoft’s cloud gaming support on their phones. If you are an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate member, you can boot up most Game Pass games on your Android device this second. However, iOS support has been noticeably absent after Microsoft has been dealing with strict App Store policies from Apple. With that said, the wait might soon be over, according to a video uploaded on the Xbox YouTube channel.

In the video, the Xbox team gave a walkthrough of the Xbox Cloud Gaming system while also answering a few questions. Towards the tail end of the segment, VP of Engineering Kevin Lachapelle was asked about iOS support. He responded by stating: “We’ve already announced that we’re bringing it to iOS and PC early this year.” Lachapelle continued and said: “So, I won’t give you specific dates but it’s not very far,” winking to the camera.

Of course, we all wish we had a specific date on when we can expect to jump into cloud gaming on iOS and PC. We will be there to let you know when that official date is revealed. Though, it sounds like the wait is just about over. We are sure that Microsoft would like to get the product out as soon as possible so that it can launch its cloud services on over a billion more devices.