Microsoft is still “committed” to bringing Xbox Game Pass on Apple’s iOS smartphones

Phil Spencer is positive that will happen sooner or later.

Image via Xbox Game Studios

According to Phil Spencer, Microsoft is still “committed” to bringing Xbox Game Pass cloud gaming on iPhone and iPad. The head of Xbox had an interview with CNBC after the acquisition of ZeniMax Media was announced, and one of the topics touched was the release of the subscription-based service on more platforms, including Apple’s.

“When you get large scale general computer platforms like mobile phones, people should have access to the great content and services that are out there, and we remain committed to that,” Spencer said.

“There are over three billion people who play video games today, many of them playing on phones, and we’re committed to bringing Game Pass to all mobile phones out there, including Apple phones,” he added.

As for Apple, Spencer mentioned that “we’ll continue the conversations and I’m sure we’ll be able to get to some resolution,” even though Cupertino is opposing strongly to subscriptions such as Xbox Game Pass and Google Stadia, most likely with the idea of stipulating individual agreements with giants willing to reach its platforms using single apps, including tens of games.

Currently, Spencer made it clear that similar offerings “are actually not allowed in the way that Game Pass is built for other platforms.”

Phil Spencer had shared similar comments in an interview with French newspaper Le Figaro, claiming he is “determined to find a solution.”

“We talk to them a lot. It won’t be today, probably not tomorrow, but we will manage to bring Game Pass to iPhone,” he said, remarking he is positive something will move sooner or later on that topic.

Apple is particularly rigid in how it handles the App Store, as seen with the Epic Games dispute, where it is not allowing Fortnite in anymore due to an internal store that violated its policy. Microsoft has joined Epic’s side when Apple wanted to block Unreal Engine on its platforms.

Things are radically different on Google’s Android, where the Xbox Game Pass cloud gaming app has already been released, with around 150 games already available for subscribers.