Where can you play Among Us? – Steam, mobile, consoles, Mac

Join the crew or eliminate them sneakily in Among Us.

Among Us

Among Us is one of the more sought out games recently given its recent surge in popularity. This is because it is a simple game to understand and free on one available platform, while cheap on the other. If you are looking to get into the game and start voting to throw others off a spaceship while eliminating the rest of the survivors, then here is where you can play the game.

As of this writing, Among Us is only available on two platforms. First, the game can be downloaded on iOS and Android devices. If desired, you can play the game for free on your phone, but there will be in-game advertisements. However, for $1.99, you can purchase a no advertisement version. With the game’s paid-version, you will make it so any friends who are in your hosted lobby will not have advertisements either.

The second platform you can play Among Us on is Steam. It is only $5 to purchase the game with no free version available. To play with a friend on either version, host a lobby and give them the code needed to find the room. With crossplay available between Steam and mobile, and the game’s servers being nearly always full now, it does not take too long to get a full lobby of ten people.

People looking to play Among Us on their home console may be disappointed that these are the only platforms the game is available for. There is hope for the future, however. Innersloth, the makers of the game, has announced a sequel is in the works. Appropriately named Among Us 2, the game has not quite started production as of this writing, so it may be a while before it hits digital stores. There is no announcement for the current game to make its way to Nintendo, PlayStation, or Xbox platforms, but with the rising popularity of the game, there is a relatively decent chance that the sequel could make its way over. Also, there are no announcements for an expected release date or price for Among Us 2.

With such a small team working on getting the servers in Among Us to work properly and any future work on the sequel, we speculate there is not a good chance for the current game to come to home consoles, although it is possible.