Where to Find Cannonballs, Planks and Bananas in Sea of Thieves


One of the most important objectives in Sea of Thieves is to keep your ship from sinking. Preventing that can be easy or difficult depending on the situation. The four essential items you need to prevent your ship from sinking are the wooden plank for repairing damage, cannon balls to fight off danger, a bucket to throw water overboard, and bananas to regenerate health.

While your ship is already equipped with these items and you’re equipped with the bucket when you start the game, the wooden plank, cannonball, and banana are the three items you will commonly find throughout Sea of Thieves. Being on low supply of these items can mean near certain death. Here are a few places you can find them if you’re running out.

Islands and Outposts

The many islands in Sea of Thieves contain more than just treasure and danger. They are also home to cargo that has either washed up on shore or was simply left behind. Cargo takes the form of barrels scattered across the island.

The same goes for the outposts as well. While you can buy new clothes and weapons, you will also find wooden planks, cannon balls, and bananas in barrels at outposts. It’s always a good idea to pillage the outposts for items before setting sail.

Lost Cargo

While this may not be the safest way to stock up on supplies, lost cargo floating around the sea will provide a little help. Just be careful as the waters in Sea of Thieves are shark infested, and you could easily become chum.

Sunken Ships

Where to Find Cannonballs, Planks and Bananas in Sea of Thieves
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The last and the most unsafe way to stock up on supplies is swimming into the depths of the sea in search of sunken ships. Sunken ships are scattered throughout Sea of Thieves and can be spotted by the bowsprit (the long skinny piece of wood sticking out from the bow of the ship) sticking out of the water. You’ll also always find seagulls circling overhead.

High risk can also mean high reward as you might find a treasure chest located in the cargo hold of the sunken ship. Just make sure you have someone on deck ready to shoot any nearby sharks.

These are the three main places you can find the items you need to keep your ship floating in Sea of Thieves. They are islands and outposts, lost cargo that is floating in the sea, and sunken ships. Make sure you check out our Sea of Thieves Guide Hub for all your pirate needs.