Where to find King Rhino, Rock Roses, and Bismuth Prisms in Monster Hunter Rise – Economic Stimulation

It’s good for the economy.

Image via Capcom

Econonic Stimulation is a quest in Monster Hunter Rise that, when completed, will net you another submarine. This is extremely useful, allowing you to gather up more materials through trading.

In this guide, we will show you where to find King Rhino, Rock Roses, and Bismuth Prisms, the three resources you need to gather up for this quest.

Where to find King Rhino

King Rhino can be found on Shining Rhino nodes on the flooded forest map.You can find it just above the number 10 on the map by climbing up the cliffs there. You will find a unique item called Shining Rhino that will drop King Rhino when you interact with it.

If you have the wirebugs to get to it, you can also find some at the top of the pyramid in the southeast corner.

Where to find Rock Rose

Rock Rose can be found are flowers that can be found on the Sandy Plains map. They can be found at Desert Rose. While that might sound like a plant, it is actually more like a brown lump of rocks you can find at the area shown above.

Where to find Bismuth Prism

For Bismuth Prism, you will need to make your way to the Lava Caverns map. They are found at Iridescent Ore nodes. There are a couple of nodes in the area, and they shouldn’t prove all that hard to find. Unfortunately, you can’t use the map to give you any help on these. The easiest one to get to is near the top of the volcano in area 10, as there is a sub-camp right beside it.