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Where is “a place that crosses the cliff” in Lost Ark? Answered

Crossing the cliff requires finding the exact cliff to cross.

When exploring Panda Island for the first time, Lost Ark players will encounter a red panda holding a stone tablet as part of the Fragrance and Fish quest. Inscribed upon this tablet is a series of three cryptic riddles that lead adventurers to different hidden locations around the island. One such location, referred to as “a place that crosses the cliff,” is so obscure and cleverly well-hidden that some players often struggle to find it, even after combing the entire island.

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Finding the place that crosses the cliff

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When looking for someplace that “crosses the cliff,” players should first try to locate the cliff in question. Due to Panda Island’s rugged terrain and sheer cliff faces, this task can be rather daunting to undertake, with any number of potential cliffs along the island’s terraced levels to be crossed.

What matters most to players in this situation is not what cliffs they can see within Lost Ark’s limited, isometric field of view, but rather what cliffs they cannot see. To the very south of the island lies a small, half-circular cliff-side overlook of what is presumably the sea below. What players don’t know about this spot is that, due to the fixed camera always pointing north, another cliff lies just to the south of this one, across a gap that the camera angle cannot display.

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Walking out onto this cliff platform will reveal a potential jump input involving the G key, which allows players to complete a series of three blind leaps down to a secluded fishing spot below. To the players’ credit, this location isn’t included within the visibly playable area, as far as Panda Island’s map is concerned.

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