How to get the Panda Island Token in Lost Ark

Panda power!

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In Lost Ark, there are 95 Island Tokens to collect in the game. These Island Tokens can be collected and then turned into an NPC at Opher, the Lonely Island. Collecting all 95 Island Tokens will reward you with a breadth of different rewards, including Stat Potions, Skill Point Potions, Mounts, etc.

The Panda Island Token is obtainable through the method of Rapport. To get the Panda Island Token, you need to find the NPC Puppa you can grow a Rapport with. You need to reach the “Trusted” Rapport rank with Puppa, which is the highest rank you can reach. Reaching the “Trusted” rank will grant you the Panda Island token as a reward.

Here is the location of Panda Island:

Screenshot by Gamepur

Here is the location of Puppa:

Screenshot by Gamepur

You can level up his affinity every day until you obtain the Island Token. Give some gifts to him to make the process go by quicker. There are plenty of other islands where you need to level up NPCs using Rapport, so focus on one island at a time.

That’s all you need to know about getting the Panda Island Token in Lost Ark! Be sure to visit this island if you need the Panda Island token.