Where to find a charged Battery for Rocket in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy


Image via Square Enix

While making your way through the strange pink resin and wreckage of the Quarantine Zone in Chapter 1 of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, you will need to find a charged battery for Rocket. One of the thumpers that he is using to attract the monster is out of charge, and a new battery is needed to progress the mission.

From where Rocket has placed the thumper on the ground, move around to the back of the area, and activate your visor by hitting R3 on the controller. This will bring up your scanner, and you will be able to see a small platform jutting out over the area.

There will be a strange yellow growth below it, and on top of it will be a batter. You can scan the battery by holding R2 to discover that it is charged. After that, turn off the helmet vision and then shoot the strange grey growth below the platform.

After you shoot enough of it, the battery will fall down to the ground, and you can pick it up and bring it to Rocket, then place it beside the thumper. From there, you will need to protect Rocket and the thumper from the strange spikey enemies that will attack you. This section will introduce you to Groot’s basic ability, which he can use to trap enemies in place while you shoot them.