Where to find and tame a Pegasus in Immortals Fenyx Rising

Hardly aerodynamic.

You can get a lot of different mounts in Immortal Fenyx Rising, but are any of them going to be as cool as a flying horse? You can find one of these, commonly called a Pegasus, in the game, if you know where to look.

This flying horse, called Laurion, is in a pretty dangerous spot, but you can get them quite early in the game if you are careful. While you don’t really want to find any monsters in this area, if you stick to the low ground, you should be just fine.

You can find Laurion on a beach to the south of the Crashing Rocks, on one of the smaller islands there. You will need your wings, and be able to at least glide, to be able to get there at all. You’ll need to make your way from island to island, as you won’t be able to glide all the way.

You can find the pegasus wandering around on a beach nearly some beached ships. They are pretty skittish, so make sure you take your time approaching them. Whenever you see a red exclamation point over their head, just stop moving. It also helps to crouch, as you will move slower this way. Very patiently make your way to the winged horse until you get a prompt on the screen that says tame. Hit the button, and you will now have a winged horse that you can ride around the game’s world.