Where to find Blackstone in Minecraft, and how to use it

The most important material in Nether world.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Blackstone is a dark color block that acts similar to cobblestone or cobbled deepslate in Minecraft. As the name suggests, it has a dark shade and is only found in the Nether region.

Blackstone forms naturally in the Nether’s basalt deltas biome below the surface of the lava sea. It can also be found in Bastion remnants. Apart from obtaining Blackstone by mining, players can also acquire it by bartering with Piglins for gold ingots.

Similar to Cobblestone, Blackstone has several uses. It can be used for crafting stone tools, brewing stands, and furnaces. However, unlike Cobblestone, it cannot be used for crafting dispensers, droppers, or pistons. Here are all the items that can be created using Blackstone:

  • Blackstone Slab- 3x Blackstone
  • Blackstone Stairs- 6x Blackstone
  • Blackstone Wall- 6x Blackstone
  • Brewing Stand- 3x Blackstone + 1x Blaze Rod
  • Furnace- 8x Blackstone
  • Polished Blackstone- 4x Blackstone
  • Stone Pickaxe- 3x Blackstone + 2x Stick
  • Stone Shovel- 1x Blackstone + 2x Stick
  • Stone Sword- 2x Blackstone + 1x Stick
  • Stone Hoe- 2x Blackstone + 2x Stick

Apart from normal Blackstone, there are two variations of Blackstone available in Minecraft, these are:

  • Polished Blackstone- Slightly harder version of Blackstone
  • Gilded Blackstone- These are super rare variations of Blackstone that can neither be crafted nor smelted. They can only be acquired by mining at bastion remnant structures.