Where to find Calcite in Minecraft

It’s a hidden layer.

Screenshot by Gamepur

You can utilize several resources in Minecraft to fashion decorative items in your home to make it as beautiful as you’d like or have it simple and functioning. There’s no wrong method to decorating a home. For those curious about obtaining Calcite, an item added to Minecraft update 1.17 in the first part of the Caves and Cliffs update, Calcite is a resource you find alongside Amethyst geodes.

You can only find Calcite wrapped around Amethyst geodes. It’s the white layer of rock between the black outer shell and the purple center where all of the precious Amethyst resources are, where you’ll be mining the several clusters and shards. If you’re specifically looking for Calcite, all you have to do is break through the darker outer shell of these geodes, the basalt. Amethyst geodes spawn between y=70 and bedrock.

There’s a small layer of Calcite holding all of the Amethyst right in the middle. You can choose to mine Calcite first and then grab whatever Amethyst you need to grab. You can obtain the blocks of the shards from the fully grown clusters.

When mining Calcite, you want to make sure you use a pickaxe. Beyond mining it and placing the resource down in your house, at this time, you cannot use it for any crafting projects. It’s merely decoration, but we could see this changing sometime later in Minecraft’s gameplay.