Where to find Carbalite Ore in Monster Hunter Rise

The cure for your low Carbalite diet.

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Carbalite Ore is used to craft plenty of different things in Monster Hunter Rise, especially if you want to get to the top tier of every weapon’s Kamura tree. You can only find the valuable Ore in High Rank quests, though. In general, you can find most of the Carbalite you’ll need by simply taking on Hub quests as usual and mining at outcrops whenever you come across them. But if you need more than two or three Carbalite, you may want to take a quest specifically to maximize your output.

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To do this, we recommend using a loadout with level 3 Geologist. Also, bringing at least one palamute is recommended for speed. It’s also helpful (but not critical) to have mobility and stamina skills equipped. Once you’re fully equipped, head to the Quest Counter and select a High Rank Expedition. Any biome you’re comfortable with will work here, but we’d suggest one that has an upsurge of mining outcrops, which means ore will respawn more quickly after you gather it. Also note that the Lava Caverns have a large number of Mining Outcrops and are a good default choice for finding ore.

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Once you arrive, you can locate Mining Outcrops by checking your detailed map. While there is an option that highlights gathering locations around the map, this tends to get pretty cluttered. Luckily, there’s also an option to highlight just the Mining Outcrops. Note that there are two different colors of Outcrops to select from: blue and white. Blue Outcrops will drop higher rarity ores more often than white Outcrops, but Carbalite can spawn from both types.

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If you gather all the Carbalite you need before the timer runs out, or if ore isn’t respawning from Mining Outcrops quickly enough, simply go to the menu and select Complete Quest to head back to Kamura with your bag full of Carbalite.