Where to find Dragonite Ore in Monster Hunter Rise

Don’t get too hot under the helmet.

Image via Capcom

Precious metals and resources are your primary concern in Monster Hunter Rise. You’ll frequently farm and seek out these items to cultivate in your inventory to bring to the blacksmith to forge or upgrade any of your weapons and armor. One of the better minerals you can find in the game is Dragonite Ore. You’ll start finding it when you gain access to the Lava Caverns. This region has a series of levels to it, separated by lava and rock. There are multiple locations you need to search to find these resource.

Unfortunately, you won’t always receive Dragonite Ore at the Mining Outcrop. There’s a chance that it will drop alongside iron, earth crystals, and machalite ore. It’s fairly random. But Dragonite Ore has the chance to drop in the Lava Caverns region.

Here are all of the Mining Outcrop locations for the upper area.

Here are all of the Mining Outcrop locations for the lower area.

Screenshot by Gamepur

You can visit any of these locations to potentially find Dragonate Ore. These desposits do refresh overtime, so we recommend you do a full rotation while on an Expedition Tour, and then try again if you didn’t have good luck.

Of the two locations, the lower region is far more worth your time. There are several Mining Outcrops you can try to use that will yield several ore deposits for you to grab.