Where to find Earth Crystal, Iron Ore, Mining Outcrops in Shrine Ruins – Monster Hunter Rise

Necessary materials.

Image via Capcom

Mining is an essential activity in Monster Hunter Rise. If you want to improve your armor and weapons you will need a lot of resources. While many of them come from fighting the massive creatures that can be found in the game, you will still need to do some traditional harvesting and mining to get others.

Both Earth Crystal and Iron can be gotten from Mining Outcrops, and these are well spread out throughout the game’s various areas. In the Shrine Ruins area, the majority of them are located near the center of the map, in a complex run of of paths and cliffs that make up this area.

The best way to enter this spot is through area 8. Here you will find a path that curves upward through the mountain, and as long as you stick to it you should have no real issues find the Mining Outcrops.

When you get to them, just interact with them and you will instantly mine them, as long as you are not in combat. The drop will be random, consisting of any of the potential resources from that level. On the Shrine Ruins, this means either Earth Crystal, or Iron.

We have four different locations marked on the map above, although this will be updated as we find more. For now, it will be enough to get you through the early game, as the spawn points are static, and you can farm them every time you enter the Shrine Ruins.

No matter what you are hunting, or what your mission is, it is always worth farming up valuable resources as you make your way through the game’s areas.