Where to find Event Quests in Monster Hunter Rise

Take part in Monster Hunter Rise events.

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Monster Hunter Rise added the ability for event quests to appear following update 2.0. These event quests will be adventures where you can battle against particular monsters, and upon defeating them, receive exclusive gestures, stickers, layered armor, and many more rewards for completing it. Another feature from Monster Hunter World that’s made its way to Rise is these events will be available all the time, and you download them, playing them offline.

When you’re ready to embark on an event quest, you can find them in the Hub area. You need to speak with Minoto, the Hub Maiden. When you speak with her and an event is available for you to grab, there will be an Event Quests tab in her drop down menu. You can then click on the quest you wish to try out, prepare for it like any other hunt, and then test your mettle against the monster featured in the quest.

For players initially looking for the Event Quests tab following update 2.0, it has not been added yet. You won’t be able to find it when speaking with Minoto. We don’t have an exact date when to expect the event quest, but the development team behind Monster Hunter Rise will make an announcement when a new event has made its way over into the game. Even if you’re a little late, you’ll have a chance to try to compete in it.

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Previous events in Monster Hunter World have featured many crossover events, such as hunting with Geralt from The Witcher, defeating monsters infected with a zombie-like Plague from Resident Evil, or having to take down monsters using a party made up a healer, tank, and damage dealers, similar to Final Fantasy.