Where to find Fire Motes in New World

Fire magic.

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When you’re crafting in New World, you’re going to be using several resources to improve your trade skill levels while you’re in a settlement’s crafting station. These resources are located all over the game, but many of them are more difficult to find than others. Fire Motes are especially important. So, where do you need to go to find Fire Motes?

It’s mostly going to be from harvesting Dragonglory, Scorchstone, and Salamander Snails spawns throughout the world.

Dragonglory locations

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For those at a lower level, Dragonglory will be the best one of the three. You can find it closer to the starting areas, primarily in Windsward, within Green Haven, Grenville, Primrose, and Perilbrook. We’ve also found it in Everfall in Salt Hollow and Ravenride. You’ll need level 30 harvesting to acquire it.

Scorchstone locations

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Scorchstones are primarily on the northeast portion of the map. You can find them in Restless Shore, Mourningdale, and the Great Cleave. There are a few of them in Windsward and Cutlass Keys, though.

Salamander Snails locations

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The Salamander Snails spawns are also a decent resource. You can find them in Ebonscale Reach, Reekwater, Weaver’s Fen, Great Cleave, or the Shattered Mountain. They’re a bit more all over the region rather than a cluster location, like the Dragonglory.