Where to find Firefly Bait in New World

Where can you find it?

Image via Amazon Game Studios

There are several types of bait you can find in New World that will aid you in fishing. The kind of bait you want to use will depend on the type of water source you’re fishing at in New World. There’s freshwater and saltwater and each of their bait that you’ll use to increase your chances of finding higher quality fish. One of the better baits that you can use in freshwater is Firefly Bait.

You can find Firefly Bait pretty close to most freshwater sources, especially smaller ones with plenty of brush nearby. You want to avoid hunting around in bushes because that’s where you can find Woodlouse Bait, another proper freshwater bait type. For Firefly Bait, you want to focus on investigating bulrush and briar bushes. Of the two, you’re more likely to find bulrush plants next to a freshwater source, whereas the briar thorn bushes won’t always be around.

Screenshot by Gamepur

You can pretty reliably find Firefly Bait from these resources. Of the freshwater bait, Firefly felt like the easiest to find, which is great because when you use it, you’ll receive a significant boost to your chance of capturing high-quality fish. Because it’s easier to find, we highly recommend using Firefly Bait over Woodlouse Bait.