Where to find Fish Roe in New World

A delicacy.

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Image by Amazon Games

There are several resources you need to scavenge while adventuring in New World. Many of these can be found by exploring the wildness, but a handful comes from specific animals you need to hunt. For those looking to acquire fish roe, you’ll need to catch fish using a fishing pole.

Fish roe primarily comes from sturgeon or paddlefish that you catch. You can find these fish usually while fishing in freshwater sources. While Fishing Hotspots are some of the best locations to find many of them, we were able to capture one in smaller rivers, so don’t avoid these if you can find some of them close to a settlement you like to remain near.

We looted the Fish Roe off an uncommon fish, so you’ll want to make sure the quality of your sturgeon or paddlefish are this or higher. You can increase the chances of capturing a higher quality fish by using Firefly or Woodlouse Bait on your fishing pole. It also doesn’t hurt to level up your fishing talent and using a better fishing pole.

Once you have an uncommon fish, you have to salvage the fish, and hopefully, you loot one. If you don’t, you’ll have to return to your ideal fishing spot and keep trying your luck.