Where to find goats in New World

Where can you find them?

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You need to find several animals in New World that you can use to harvest resources and complete quests provided to you by a job board. Many players are eagerly looking for goats, a suitable animal that you’ll want to know where to find so you can harvest them. There are not too many areas we’ve been able to find this animal, unfortunately.

If you’re looking to find goats, we’ve found a small spawn to the east of Everfall Hamlet in the Reekwater region. The unfortunate thing about finding this spawn is that it’s in a level 56 to 60 area. If you receive this at starting level, you’re better off avoiding this and wait until you reach this region. Some players have received points for eliminating rams in the eastern part of Everfall, but it’s not too reliable.

You can find goats in this portion of Reekwater, next to the landmark labeled as Cave of Striped Death.

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There is another spawn of goats that you can find to the north part of New World, in Great Cleave. Again, these spawns are in high level areas, and if you receive a quest to remove them from the Town Board, you might be better off taking them out. The goats in Everfall might be fixed to make it a more reliable spawn, though.