Where to find Guido Martelli in Red Dead Online

Speak with him to get started down the criminal path.

For those keen on jumping into the Red Dead Online update for Blood Money, you want to speak with Guido Martelli. You’ll be able to speak with him to get started, and he’ll be able to help you out to figure out what type of criminal activities you’d like to participate in to earn some of the dirtiest money you can in the game. This is where you need to go to find Guido Martelli in Red Dead Online.

You can find Guido Martelli in the city of Saint Dennis. You can find him right at the center of the city, in Saint Denis garden. When you arrive at the location, a cutscene will play out with Guido Martelli.

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Guido Martelli is looking to hire individuals interested in getting their hands dirty to earn back Capitale, a new currency you will be acquiring in Red Dead Online to unlock Opportunities that give you the chance to complete more activities you can complete with larger groups.

Following the cutscene, Blood Money Crimes will unlock, giving you access to missions to complete to earn Capitale. You will need to acquire enough to impress Martelli to gain access to his more lucrative Opportunities.