Where to find Harrietum Officinalis in Red Dead Online

Yes, Harriet named it herself.

Harrietum Officinalis lets you transform temporarily into an animal, and for now, the only available animal is the buck. To transform, you have to find the herb and have it in your inventory before interacting with the transformation location.

It’s harder to find the herb than expected. After the cutscene with Harriet, you’d think the herb would be visible and around her tent. That instinct is not the case. The herb is scattered around the map like any other plant. The map-maker Jean Ropke already has an option for the locations of Harrietum Officinalis on their RDO Map

Harrietum Officinalis is common in New Hanover, West Elizabeth, and Ambarino. Some scatter into the north of New Austin, but you won’t find much, if any, south of Hennigan’s Stead. While the Grizzlies have many plants, there are none north of that mountain range, so don’t bother going too far north. There are a select few places in Lemoyne, but they’re not common there.

Screenshot via Rockstar

The best places to look are not around Harriet’s tent locations. Instead, Harrietum Officinalis is easiest to find along the Kamassa River in the Roanoke Ridge part of New Hanover. There are other locations, but Harrietum Officinalis here are clustered together and arranged, so traveling to get them isn’t too difficult. The problem with this location is it’s very far from the transformation zone and will require a lot more legwork to get back. You can get the items quickly, but it’s not efficient. Harrietum Officinalis is found around Big Valley and Tall Trees in West Elizabeth, closer to Harriet, but the plant spawns are farther from each other.

Harrietum Officinalis can only be found once per day, like the collectibles. They will likely reset when the collectibles reset. They do not respawn when quitting the game or changing sessions, as normal herbs would.

You need five Harrietum Officinalis to transform. So your stocks of the plant will go fast.

Screengrab via Rockstar

Harrietum Officinalis glows gold, like the Collector flowers, so it stands out among the other, more mundane herbs in the game. It doesn’t have an audio cue like the collectibles, however. We found it harder to spot than the average plant from a distance, but once it was spotted, it’s easier to recognize.

Like most herbs in the game, you can carry up to 30 of Harrietum Officinalis. You need three to five of them to begin a transformation. The transformation lasts only five minutes but can be extended if you have more of the plant in your inventory. 

Unlike many other valuable herbs in the game, Madam Nazar doesn’t stock Harrietum Officinalis.