Where To Find The Hi-Tech Earbuds and Access Audio Options in Pokemon Sword and Shield


One of the more unusual things in Sword and Shield is how you access the game’s audio options. You will need to find a specific NPC and get the Hi-Tech Earbuds from them if you want to unlock the audio options.

Where To Find The Hi-Tech Ear Buds And Access Audio Options In Sword and Shield

To find the NPC, follow the below steps:

  • Go to Motostoke Town.
  • Head for the large gear elevator that brings you to the town’s arena. Just before you arrive at it, turn right.
  • You will see a yellow record store. Beside it will be an old, portly gentleman. Talk to him, and he will give you the Hi-Tech Earbuds.

This will give you access to the game’s audio options. To get to them, hold X, then navigate to the Audio Options symbol in the main menu. The audio options in the game are quite robust, allowing you to change the volume of just about everything. This includes music, background noise, and even the cries of Pokémon.

We’re not sure why they’re hidden away behind this interaction with an NPC, but now you know how to get them, you can change your audio options to something that suits your tastes.