Where to find Jeb Phelps in Annesburg in Red Dead Online – Blood Money

Hiding at home.

Image via Rockstar

There are several contracts you can choose to accept when you’re completing Blood Money Missions in Red Dead Online. These contracts are more nefarious and dirty than the traditional ones you’ve likely done. Still, many of them give you the chance to earn Capitale, a currency that you can use to accept higher payout opportunities from Martelli. For the Jeb Phelps Contract, you’ll have to finish things off with Jeb during part three, and you’ll be meeting him in Annesburg. This is where you can find Jep Phelps in Annesburg.

The problem with meeting Jeb in Annesburg is he is difficult to find. You have a general location to search all over the small mining town for him, but no exact direction of where he could be. He’s obviously hiding, and locating him can take a bit of time if you were to check door-to-door to see if you can locate him. However, he’s not too far from the center of town. You can find him at the blue house, with the green door.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Unfortunately, the front door is not an option. You have to go all the way around to the back and use that entrance. When you enter the house, a cutscene will play out, and you’ll be able to continue forward through the rest of the Jeb Phelps Contract.