Where to find Melons in New World

Where do you need to go to find Melons?

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There are several resources that you need to harvest all over New World. These resources will be essential for you, and when you bring them back to your settlement, you’ll be able to complete several crafting projects that you can use to level up your trade skills. For example, when you’re leveling up cooking, Melons are a good ingredient to throw in your more complicated recipes. But you can only find them in specific locations. This guide will detail to you all of the areas you can find Melons in New World.

Melons are not a harvest you can find in the open world. Instead, they only drop from provision chests. You can find these provision chests in many of the landmark locations of an area. But each of the provision chests of a region has a specific pool of drops. These are all locations you can find provision chests with Melons in them, and you can only find Melons in Great Cleave, First Light, and Weaver’s Fen.

Great Cleave

There are a handful of locations you can find provision crates in the Great Cleave. However, this is a level 41 to 50 area and one of the last locations you visit in New World, so you’re unlikely to visit this area often during the earlier portions of the game.

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First Light

First Light is one of the many starting areas in New World. There are multiple provisions throughout the territory, making it a superb location to harvest Melons. You can expect plenty of other players also visiting these locations, though.

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Weaver’s Fen

Weaver’s Fen is right in the middle of First Light and Great Cleave. It’s not an exceptionally high level area, but it’s not a starting location. You’ll want to visit this location when you reach levels 33 to 36, and you can expect to find plenty of provisions everywhere, but powerful enemies are protecting them. Melons have a pretty good drop rate in this location, among other rarer ingredients.

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