Where to find Mountain Meadows in Minecraft

So pretty.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Mountain Meadows are one of the new biomes added in the Caves and Cliffs Update Part 2 for Minecraft. While expanding the worlds and changing how they generate, the game also will look different on top of mountainous regions. Mountain Meadows, in particular, look flowery and grassy. While they look very similar to normal Plains biomes, they are technically different because of where they grow. Here is how to find Mountain Meadows in Minecraft.

To find Mountain Meadows in Minecraft, you will need to be looking for mountainous areas in your world. When you find them, climb as high as you can and look for any areas that are covered in flowers. A large variety of flowers will grow in this area. If there are any trees mixed within the flowers, there should be a Bee Hive attached to it, so you can gather honey from it if you wish if it is filled. If it is not, give it some time, and the Bees will collect pollen from the surrounding flowers during the day if it is not raining.

Another odd quirk about Mountain Meadows is that they are the only mountain biomes that have a chance to spawn a village within them.