Where to find Nutmeg in New World

There are specific regions you need to find it.

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There are several herbs that you’ll need to gather in New World if you plan to level up the cooking trade skill. These herbs are critical for crafting many of the complicated recipes, but they’re a worthwhile investment for the many benefits they provide. One of the 12 herbs you can find in New World is Nutmeg. This guide details where you can find it in the game and what plant you need to harvest to acquire more.

Nutmeg has the potential to drop off of a standard herb plant. You can find these herb plants all over New World. Although you can find herbs all over New World, they don’t always drop Nutmeg. Only a handful of regions have the potential to drop them. These are all locations where you can find herbs in the game, but Nutmeg typically falls from herbs in First Light and Windsward.

First Light

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Screenshot by Gamepur

First Light and Windsward are the two best locations to find Nutmeg, but did we struggle with finding it in Windsward, and recommend you search First Light between the two. You won’t receive Nutmeg whenever you harvest herbs plants, either. There are a handful of others you might loot instead.

You’ll need a sickle tool in your equipment to harvest herbs. While herbs require a sickle, there is no harvesting level requirement.