Where to find Oranges in New World

Where do you need to go?

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If you’re looking for ingredients for your cooking recipes in New World, you’ll have to search far and wide to find many of them. They’re scattered all over the game, hidden away in specific locations, and you have to be searching in a particular region to find them. For those who are looking for Oranges, you’ll have a handful of places to find them. This guide details where you can find Oranges in New World and what you need to search to find them.

Oranges will only drop from three regions in New World: Cutlass Keys, Edengrove, and Mourningdale. You can only find them in provision crates so that you won’t find them at a harvesting location.

Cutlass Keys

These are all of the provision crates you can find in Cutlass Keys. Of the three locations, we highly recommend this one when searching for Oranges. It does contain several enemies ranging from levels 26 to 29, but it has an excellent circuit through the south part of the map for you to farm provision chests, especially in Pullpatch Cover and Stone Skull Fort.

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There are only a handful of provision crates in Edengrove. However, this is one of the final areas you can visit in the game, so they come with some of the best rewards.

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Mourningdale is a little similar to Edengrove, where it only has a handful of provision crates, and they’re in an area of the game you should only be approaching when you reach a much higher level. However, the rewards are going to be worth your time for visiting these areas.

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