Where to find Paprika in New World

Where can you find some delicious spices?

There are several herb plants for you to find all over New World. You’ll need multiple different herbs if you want to use them in more complicated cooking recipes, spicing up your meals and giving you additional benefits for your hard work. One of the many herbs you’ll need to find is Paprika. This guide details where you need to find Paprika in New World and the type of plant you need to find.

Paprika is similar to the other herbs in New World, and they drop from the herb plant. It’s a generic resource node you can find in many of the starter areas of the game, but each of the 12 unique components can only be found in specific regions. These are some of the many herb locations you can find in New World. But Paprika reliably drops off of herbs in Monarch’s Bluffs, Brightwood, and Everfall. Though some have reported that they’ve also seen it in Ebonscale Reach, too.


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Ebonscale Reach

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Monarch’s Bluffs

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Of course, there’s always the chance these locations in Monarch’s Bluffs won’t have Paprika, and you might loot Basil, Ginger, or Mint.

When you find a herb plant, you will need a sickle to harvest this resource. While it requires a sickle, there is no harvesting level requirement.