Where to find Rare Eggs in Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin

The rarest of the rare.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Riders who want to get the best Monsties in Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin will need to find rare eggs. While normal eggs will give you monsters to add to your collection and fight alongside you in battle, rare eggs will give you the very best monsters. They will have more health, hit harder, and just be better all-around companions.

To find rare eggs, players will need to find rare monster dens. These are noticeable due to the golden rocks that surround the entrance, making them stand out from normal monster dens. While rare eggs are not guaranteed in these dens, you do have a much better chance of finding them here.

As you search for eggs, you will need to listen to your Felyne friend who will offer lots of advice that will help you out. They will constantly talk about the egg’s weight and smell, and the heavier and nicer smelling the eggs, the better the Monstie within could be.

As you switch eggs, you increase the risk of being attacked by monsters, however, so there is trade-off to searching for rare eggs. Once you get your hands on a rare egg, you can return to the stables in the village to hatch it just like a normal egg.

You may need to wander toward the dungeon exit for a little while before your Felyne friend gives you the option to teleport out of the dungeon.